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These commemoratives are made using Surgical Stainless Steel or Titanium that has a special inorganic black coating. That coating is part of the metal itself and is impervious to UV radiation which causes organic based dyes, paints, and coatings to fade.

Standard tributes use one photograph. It can be an individual, family picture or whatever you like. The photo can cover the entire piece without a border - text can be placed on the photo itself - or it can have a border. Almost any setup is possible. Have you reviewed the samples on the opening page?

This is high resolution imaging on very hard metal. The results depend on the quality of the photograph and the contrast present. We have imaged very old photographs that had little contrast as well as very small photographs where we had to increase the size through electronic interpolation. We can still render a good image, but the output is as good as the input. Working from large, good quality photographs is always best.

A pre-production proof will show the image and text layout. It will not accurately depict the final image as it will appear on the metal itself. We cannot accurately simulate the actual etched look through an electronic proof. We can cut any shape, we can do collages, and we can do bigger pieces. We can also electroplate the image on a 316L stainless tribute with 24K gold!

Whatever you choose, you can rest assured your loved one will be remembered for thousands of years. Consider having a piece framed for display at home. It can be passed down through generations. Indoor displays will last forever! Photos will eventually fade away. They can be accidentally destroyed. Likewise with computer files, storage media, and paintings. The Immortal Memories™ tributes are not subject to those hazards. Generation after generation will remember.

Update: June 15, 2013. We are working on a new porcelain/titanium, high resolution, etched tribute that will not scratch and needs no protective coatings. Check back for more information on this process.

Never Forget!

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