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Lucite EmbedmentA lucite embedment is an option for an in home family heirloom. This crystal clear acrylic will probably last forever. The only thing you must be sure of is what you place in the embedment. If you use a photograph, it will eventually fade due to UV exposure. The pigmented inks used today are very stable and have fade resistance ratings over 200 years in some cases. But how will they hold up for 1,000 years? My recommendation would be to use a laser print, not an inkjet. Laser printers use solid particles that are said to be UV stable. However, in certain circles there is some question about that. There is a consensus that fading does occur in some colors. This was published on the National Archives of Australia's Website - "There is sufficient evidence that colour xerographed images do not last as long as black and white copies. Most international archival institutions do not recommend the permanent or long-term storage of colour photocopied or laser-printed material." If you do use a laser print, be sure to use an archival, non-yellowing paper. The problem with laser prints is that the particles, over time, will fall off the paper unless they are kept from doing so. Embedding the print is the answer.

One website I visited will embed a 7" x 9" document in an 8" x 10" x 1" thick casting for $180, so the process is not inexpensive. And then there is the association of lucite with the awards, advertising, and promotional market. Many people think of it as just another piece of plastic. An heirloom to pass down through the generations? I not so sure.

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